dingoes are not dogs

Dingoes are not dogs; and I am not a Kenyon, although I was given their name through adoption.  We have all been wrongly classified by librarians of life and British law adopting and adapting things they cannot understand.

Dingoes are an ancient animal, possibly the ancestors of canines, but they are not canines.   Unlike canines, who have developed with agriculture, dingoes cannot digest grains, or complex starches, or fat.   Dingoes have been identified in Australia for at least 4,000 years, where grain was not farmed, and animals did not get fat.  Follow latest dingo research here.

The Kenyons came to Australia from England with the British Army, via operations in Egypt and India.

Colonists colonising; keeping journals and writing history.  They protect white male superiority, and define the ‘other’ that they do not understand, as less than human.

To my shame I don’t know when they came.  I’m more interested in dingoes.  My afather (a=adoptive) was born in India, and his family left to come to Australia when he was about two I think – so I suppose, let’s say 1912-1913.

His countrymen had already established the dog proof fence – to exclude dingoes from the countryside they deemed suitable for breeding sheep.  Imagine the sheer determination of men who would build 3,500 miles of fencing to keep a native animal separate from their introduced ‘market commodity’, so they could send wool home to the mother-country to make them rich and warm.  They certainly didn’t do it because Australia needed it.

The dingoes were supposed to stay north of a line from Queensland to the Nullabour Plains, and there they were hunted, and a bounty paid for their scalps, in the hope one day the continent would be free of an animal which had survived for so long alongside all other life in Australia.

It kind of feels like the plan they had for the other troublesome unwanted occupier of the lands.  People they treated like animals and herded into compounds, unless they gave up their identities as First Nations People and accepted occupation of their lands, and the strange new laws designed to protect ‘private’ property, rather than give good fair governance and stewardship of the land.

The country areas of South Australia (because that is all I know)  are dotted with ghost towns established by greed in areas that could not support English countryside villages.

The Botanist Banks, and others drew and painted the vegetation that supported life in Australia, but a wiser man Goyder, studied the different types of vegetation, and worked out rainfall patterns that could have been used to determine where it might be silly to try to farm.  Perhaps he learned to read the land from the inhabitants of the land.   He drew a different type of line on the continent – one he called the 10-inch annual rainfall line (Goyder’s line).  But mostly the invaders were too driven by greed to want to understand this fragile land they wanted to rape for England.  None of them came close to the scientists of the First Nations who had intimate knowledge of all the uses of different types of vegetation in the pharmacy of the forests.

Nothing much has changed in the last couple of hundred years.  Today’s pharmacies are huge profit-making, multi-national chemical factories.  We just abolished the carbon tax, because the majority of Australians today don’t believe in climate change; and/or they don’t believe in anything our first woman Prime Minister Julia Gillard stood for.  They don’t look at their environment with an enquiring mind, and think about their future, or the future of their children’s children.  They have not finished raping yet.